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Jormac’s quick release latch hardware catalog offers close to 50 pages of proven panel latch designs which support a variety of installation and application requirements. Our panel latches offer different latching mechanism options and a variety of base designs. Our newest latch is a versatile low profile latch which incorporates decompression capabilities while also incorporating a quick release design for maintenance access.
Jormac is very pleased to introduce our new composite tie-rod, which is a result of considerable research and development effort. These new state of the art tie-rods are manufactured with an overall adjustability range of two inches, which provides maximum installation adjustability. These new tie-rods offer the structural performance of conventional steel tie-rods while weighing the same or less than aluminum tie-rods. These tie-rods are available in a variety of lengths, depending on the installation requirements. Our aluminum and steel tie-rods are available in a variety or lengths to support a large variety of compression and tension applications. These tie-rods are provided with one end fitting installed, allowing the installer to final trim the unfinished end to the desired length prior to installing the opposite end fitting with the provided kit hardware per the included drawing. Numerous diameters and lengths are available, as well as end fittings, for both aluminum and steel tie-rods.
Jormac has provided environmental control system designs for a variety of Boeing and Airbus model aircraft. As a subset to these design, we have engineered many parts which have been designed to provide efficient air flow with minimum noise. Jormac is pleased to offer these parts and assemblies which include a variety of ducts, diffusers, plenums, wyes, couplers, manifolds, etc. These parts are manufactured in-house from typically either fiberglass, Kydex, or a combination of both.
Jormac has developed numerous attachment fittings to support the installation of cabinetry, galleys, and other monuments in the aircraft. These fittings have been engineered to support the high loads which are typically required for these types of installations. We have developed a variety of floor fitting attachments which pick up existing aircraft seat tracks. In some installation cases, unique floor structure is required, and we have designed fitting for these applications as well. Overhead longitudinal and later attachments are often also required to support cabinet installations, such as full height closets, galleys and showers. Jormac offers a variety of overhead attachment fittings which support these load requirements. Our fittings have been designed for installation on the cabinet itself as well as the aircraft side, and incorporate isolator bushings. In combination with our tie-rods, we offer a complete solution for monument installation.
Jormac has developed numerous standard extrusion profiles to support a variety of structural installation requirements associated with VIP interior completions. For example, we have developed a low profile seat track extrusion which supports the installation of monuments where existing OEM seat tracks are not installed, and space is limited. As with this example, material thickness and aluminum alloy type have been designed to support the intended loading requirements of each intended application.
The Jormac Aerospace FAA STC Aircraft Security Lock Package is designed for Boeing 737-700, 737-700C, 737-800, B737-900, B737-900ER and 777-200 aircraft. The Jormac Aerospace lock package is intended to prevent unauthorized access to the aircraft interior and certain aircraft systems while the aircraft is left unoccupied and unattended. No specialized tooling is required for either the manufacture or the installation of the locks. The STC package includes the required engineering installation drawings, as well as the applicable design data with approvals and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness.
Jormac has an extensive inventory of tooling molds which provide “off the shelf” solutions for numerous lining panel shapes and contours. Jormac recognizes that in addition to achieving the highest quality possible, cost and schedule are the next two most significant considerations for any interior completion, reconfiguration, or refurbishment project. By providing a large tooling mold selection, Jormac is offering a proactive solution which addresses all these key factors. Of course, we recognize there are more often than not, unique requirements which must be satisfied. Jormac offers complete in-house tooling mold design and fabrication capability to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We design and manufacture tooling molds to support the manufacture of custom sized and contoured composite panels and assemblies which support VIP and commercial liner, cabinetry, galleys, seat pods and surrounds, as well as a multitude of other applications.

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