• Jul 07, 16
In keeping with our strategic initiatives to bring innovative and lightweight structural solutions to the aviation and transportation markets, we are pleased to announce that Advent Aerospace is changing its name to...
This name change reflects a change in the internal structure of our company to provide a better experience for our customers by being able to offer complete range of products and services as one organization.  With our new streamlined management structure, the new Jormac Aerospace is stronger, faster, and more competitive. 
Jormac Aerospace has been a leader in aviation structures since its inception on 30 September, 1995.  Over the course of the past 21 years, Jormac has earned a reputation for excellence in engineering, program management, and product quality.  Likewise, Cabin Innovations has established itself as a premier provider of turnkey aircraft galleys and cabinetry.  By leveraging the strengths of our two locations, we have created a streamlined organization that capitalizes on the strengths of each location and enhances our operations by using the best practices and procedures amongst the two.  Jormac Aerospace, whether it be our Dallas Facility, our Tampa Bay Facility, or most likely a combination of both, is ready to lead the way to success with our valued customers and suppliers.
The new Jormac Aerospace will continue to set the standards for innovation, quality, and reliability as we have been for the past two decades.  Our goal is to remain financially strong and able to continue to invest in Research and Development for the betterment of the industries we serve.  
Jormac is back, and we are here for the long haul.